Stinky Seafood Man

Twitch Audience Cartoon Collab #3
“A terrible hero with no powers ruins everyone’s day: Stinky Seafood Man…”

This was our third weekly animation collab between folks on the Twitch chat and myself. Took a little longer than usual due to PAX and Pico day, but was a blast trying out some different FBF hawt tech’s. WOWIE COOL!

If yer interested in being a part of this fever dream of animation chaos, we do it a couple weeks a month:

Twitch (where we collab)

Twitter (where I announce and update)

Music by Kevin Macleod

Super special thanks to all my Patreons and supporters who make ridiculous projects like this even remotely possible. And to the viewers and subscribers on Twitch. You know who you are (*kiss*)

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